Basic Bikini

There's nothing basic about looking great in a bikini. Hair is removed outside the panty line, plus a little off the top. Creates a clean, yet natural, shape.


Modified Bikini

Look très chic in your swim suits Waxing removes hair inside the panty line.


Full Leg Wax

Get smooth silky legs this way. Hair is waxed from the tips of your toes to the top of your thighs.


Half Leg Wax

Go halfsies with your legs. Hair is removed from the top of the knee down to the toes.


Full Arm Wax

Get rid of the peach fuzz to reveal smooth silky skin for that new sleeveless top. Hair is waxed from the wrist, forearm and upper arm.


Half Arm Wax

It’s okay not to go all the way. Half-arm waxes start just above the wrist and extend to the elbows - or start just below your elbow and head up to your shoulder. You choose.


Show off those sleevelesss tops without being embarassed. Hair is waxed from the entire armpit, and tweezing ensures no strays are left behind.


Brow Shape

Together we decide which brow shape works best for your face shape.


Brow Cleanup

Youve already been shaped and just need to get rid of those strays


Upper Lip Wax

When your upper lip hair starts waving at me, it’s time .


Chin Wax

Whiskers are for kittens which we know you’re not. So let’s get you smooth & silky to the touch. Hair is removed from the chin and neck area.


Back Wax

Guys, we haven’t forgotten you.We’ve got your back! Literally! Hair is removed from the neck, shoulder to shoulder and just above the glutes.