Mist of Serenity Massage

This classic massage encourages total body relaxation through the healing power of touch.  Long gentle strokes result in relaxation, improved circulation and a welcome state of serenity .

$195 ~ 60 minute | $285 ~ 90 minute


Tranquility Massage

Melt into the table with this luxurious treatment. Experience techniques designed to address specific areas of tension. This treatment can be customized using firm pressure and neuro-muscular techniques. 

$250 ~ 60 minute | $360 ~ 90 minute


Ocean Escape Aroma Massage

An Aromatic blend of warm citrus oils to revitilize, uplift and rejuvenate. Revitalize body, mind and spirit with this treatment which is sure to renew and uplift

$275 ~ 60 minute | $400 ~ 90 minute


Tropical Sea Shell Massage

This idyllic sea shell massage uses elements of Mother nature to bring relief to tense muscles, stressed emotions and weary spirits. Smooth heated seashells are skillfully combined with massage for an exceptional spa experience.

$285 ~ 60 minute | $410 ~ 90 minute


Head in the Clouds

Take a trip to paradise with this deep tissue massage focused on relieving tension in the neck, back and shoulders.  Will melt back tension away.

$125 ~ 30 minute


Surf's Up

Say goodbye to sore, rough feet with this blissful foot scrub and massage! This spa treatment takes sore feet and gives them new life. Starting with a warm foot scrub that exfoliates, followed by a soothing, and much needed, foot massage, you will leave our spa walking on clouds. 

$125 ~ 30 minute


Calm Waters Luxurious Body Buff

Breathe new life into your skin with an array of ancient secrets. Powdered bamboo & shitake mushrooms mingle with black sesame seeds and organic oils designed to reveal a radiant complexion. This luxurious treatment ends with a relaxing massage of nourishing oils and crushed fresh water pearls and a hint of wild orchids.

$225 ~ 60 minute